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Birthdate:Jul 29
Haven't had one of these in aaaaages. Hoping to make friends and talk to people since I no longer know anyone in fandom. :( Talk to me! :D?

Boy, 25. Prone to fits of flailing and to long stretches of obsessively studying very specific subjects. Fandoms include Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS, VOY, ENT, and the reboot), P.G. Wodehouse, and most adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. A fan of logic, puzzles, Vikings, feminism, and all manner of queer studies.

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adrien english mysteries, alex bledsoe, aromanticism, arsenal, asexuality, atheism, barleyjuice, bbc sherlock, big finish, blandings, bleak expectations, breathplay, bron, buddhism, bukkene bruse, candy mafia, captive prince, cary grant, cheeks, confessions of dorian gray, craft beer, damon suede, dead can dance, demisexuality, didgeridoo, doctor who, donald strachey mysteries, drag, echo bazaar, elementary, faun, feminism, firesign theatre, ftm, genderqueer, ginn hale, gjallarhorn, good omens, grammar, hardingfele, harry potter, heathenism, hedningarna, homebrewing, hops, humanism, husbands, icelandic sagas, jack dickson, jane austen, jeeves, jeeves & wooster, jeeves and wooster, jeremy brett, john barrowman, jonathan strange and mr norrell, josh lanyon, katharine hepburn, krauka, lgbt history, loki, manchester united, martyn bennett, marvel, mblaq, mead, michael nava, neuromancer, norse mythology, nyckelharpa, old harry's game, omnia, p.g. wodehouse, pansy division, parkour, pitman, planned parenthood, poets of the fall, polyamory, polyfidelity, psmith, runa, sarah monette, sarah waters, sherlock, shorthand, skyfall, spats, star trek, star trek: enterprise, star trek: tos, star trek: voyager, steam powered giraffe, stephen fry, svenska, teeline, the hidden almanac, the hour, the prisoner, torchwood, tribbles, unitarian universalism, vicious, vikings, värttinä, watson and holmes, welcome to night vale, wicked gentlemen, william gibson, women's rights, ásatrú, äkta människor,
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